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Last update: 09/2014

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Using the View bar, you can drill values, rotate tables, activate detail lists and influence the way database values are displayed.

Description of the symbols[edit]


  • Drill level: Elements can be drilled to provide a more detailed view. You can select and execute a drill type via a drop-down list. By default, drilling is carried out at original level. The following drill types are available:
    • Drill same level
    • Drill next level
    • Drill all levels
    • Drill original level
  • Rotate table
  • Show detail list: Enable/disable the detail lists in the active document.
  • Update data: With this button, the current worksheet is recalculated and database references are updated.
  • In 1000 (/1000): Enables/disables the display in thousands.
  • Year-to-Date Enables/disables the display of year-to-date values.
  • Freeze Panes: With this button you can freeze or unfreeze a certain area in a document. A frozen worksheet section remains visible when you scroll through the worksheet.

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