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Last update: 01/2016

professional planner is accessed via special user interfaces installed on the users' local computers. Depending on the target group, the three user interfaces offer a different selection of default documents and editing options. The user interfaces can be opened via Start - All Programs - prevero - professional planner 8 - User Interfaces.

As the user interfaces only restrict the available editing tools, they do not constitute an alternative to assigning user rights on the server and in the dataset. The article HowTo:Assign permissions provides an overview of which user interface is recommended for which rights.

Depending on your installation of professional planner, up to three user interfaces may be available:

  • The Administrator interface provides all ribbon functions and standard documents offered by professional planner. This interface is recommended for users belonging to the local user group OLCAPAdministrators or OLCAPOperators.
  • The App User interface provides access to all ribbon functions and all standard documents except for the administration documents. It is tailored to the requirements of users either exclusively belonging to the local user group OLCAPUsers or additionally belonging to the user group OLCAPDatasetOperators.
  • The Analysis Reporting User interface is intended for users who analyze data in professional planner, but cannot modify them. This interface is particularly suitable for members of the local user group OLCAPReportingUsers and only contains standard documents and commands used for analyzing purposes. The document groups Toolbox, Currency Conversion and Administration are not available. Moreover, the ribbon functions are limited and it is not possible to create new documents, Import Managers, memos or managers.

It is also possible to customize user interfaces and make them available for other users.

Basic features of a user interface[edit]

User interface[edit]

professional planner is accessed via special user interfaces installed on the users' local computers.

Depending on the client you have installed, the following user interfaces are available:

  • The Key User interface is designed for financial controlling specialists and provides extensive access options. This interface enables you to create and modify structures, build documents, enter data and perform evaluations. Thus, the training required for this interface is quite high. The Key User is also provided with administration and security tools for user and server administration.
  • The Active User interface is designed for users who gather data in professional planner but do not require administrator rights. With this interface you can retrieve reports and create analyses. The workflow functions also enable the user to approve plans. This interface requires a considerably lower training effort than the Key User.
  • The IT User interface is designed for the technical maintenance of professional planner and is aimed at IT administrators. This interface contains all tools for server control, user administration and dataset administration.

You can customize the Professional Planner user interface to meet your requirements. See the example Customizing User Interfaces to learn how to do it.

Basic features of a user interface[edit]

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