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Last update: 09/2012

Usually, the element that is activated in the structure tree is displayed in the workspace of the active document. The following options are available when working in the organizational structure:

Simple click (or double-click according to settings defined)[edit]

One way to activate a different element in the structure tree is to click on it with the left mouse button. Select the element in the structure tree which you want to be displayed in the current workbook; professional planner then switches to the selected element or the selected period level.

You can also define that the document is to be switched to the new element with a double-click. Up to Professional Planner 2011, this setting can be found under Tools - Options - General - Navigational tree double click. Starting with professional planner 8, this setting can be found in the program options, which can be opened via the File tab.

Open Element with[edit]

The command Open element with (in the context menu of the selected element) enables you to open a document directly via the structure tree and switch it to the active element. This provides you with direct access to the documents that are frequently used during the planning phase.

By default, several documents from the Professional Planner directory (folder Documents/Structure Documents) are predefined for direct access. You can edit or extend this set of documents by adding new documents or deleting existing ones. It is also possible to modify the directory. The directory is defined via the field Structure documents path in the Tools/Options menu.

Drag & drop[edit]

Drag & drop means clicking on an element, dragging it to a different location and then dropping it by releasing the mouse button. Using drag & drop, you can switch between structural elements in the structure tree. To do so, select an element in the structure tree, press and hold down the left mouse button and drag the element over the workspace. Now drop it by releasing the left mouse button.

Selection using the control bar[edit]

Up to Professional Planner 2011, the Control bar contains drop-down boxes you can use to select the active dataset and the active structural element. To use this bar, enable it in the menu View - Toolbars - Control.

Starting with version professional planner 8, the drop-down boxes for dataset, structure and period can be found in the Start tab.

Drill-down and rotating[edit]

Drill-down means to expand structural elements within a document. Collapsing the elements is called drill-up. In Professional Planner, you can drill the organizational structure as well as the period structure. Changing the drill option between the period and organization dimension is called rotating. To drill, place the cursor on the position you would like to drill within an object and select the desired command. Activating the command alternately expands (drill-down) or collapses (drill-up) a branch. The element name or period name is used as starting point.

There are four different drill commands according to the level to be expanded:

Drill next level: Opens and closes the level of the respective axis following the current cursor position (e.g. display sales segments starting from the total company level or from the first sales segment level).

Drill all levels: This command expands all elements below the starting point.

Drill same level: Expands or collapses elements of the same levels. This command applies to all elements of the same level that follow the element selected with the cursor.

Drill original level: This command opens all elements of the lowest structural level.

Rotate: This command changes the organizational and period axes.