Structural Element Properties

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Last update: 03/2013

In the Structural element properties dialog, you can define important settings, such as comments or group fields. Additionally, you can assign permissions for individual structural elements when working in a server system with activated security. The dialog is opened by right-clicking an element in the structure tree and selecting Properties from the context menu.

In the General tab you can find the most important settings for the structural element:

  • Name: Here you can edit the element name (4760) (maximum length: 59 characters).
  • Icon No: If you change the icon number (4773) of the structural element, a different icon is displayed in the structure tree.
  • Comments: Here you can enter any text (comment (4862)) with a maximum of 31 characters.
  • Comment 2: Here you can enter any text (comment 2 (4874)) with a maximum of 59 characters.
  • Group field 1 - 10: Here you can assign up to 10 search numbers to each element. These search numbers are often used for groupings and queries. For further information on group fields please refer to the example in the description of group field 1 (4763).
  • Organizational ID: An unambiguous organizational ID (4759) is assigned to each structural element. This ID cannot be changed.

Alternatively, these settings can be defined in the Identifications tab of the document Structural Elements Settings.

If security is activated, the Security tab is available. Here you can manage dataset-related rights. For further information on assigning rights for a structural element please refer to Assigning Rights.