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Last update: 03/2013

In this menu you can find a set of reports on the data volume and allocation lists as well as protocols for the different work procedures in the Import Manager. All reports and protocols are displayed directly in the Professional Planner worksheets and can be also printed out.

  • Base Data

This option opens a Professional Planner document with the current base data volume.

If the option Temp Table is enabled, the command only remains active until the transformation is completed. The base data are deleted after the transformation.

  • Transformed Data

Here, the transformation data volume table is displayed.

If the option Temp Table is enabled, the transformed data only remain available until the automatic transformation or the transfer is executed.

  • Allocation Data

This command returns the current allocation list, including all allocation parameters.

As a result, the currently active allocation sheet is displayed, including all inactive identifiers.

  • Missing Allocations

This report lists all identifiers from the transformation data volume that have not been allocated yet.

  • Incorrect Allocations

This report contains incomplete allocations, allocations to non-existing elements or to field references that are not available in the allocated elements.

Additionally, identifiers which have been allocated on simulation level are displayed. These identifiers are also listed in the protocol, when the Top-down option has been enabled in the Import Manager properties.

  • Reset Data to Zero

This command displays a list of field references (including element type and run) that are used for zero-setting during the data transfer.

  • Transformation

During every transformation run, a protocol is saved containing error messages and general information (date, beginning, end).

By selecting Transformation, the list of available protocols is opened. In the window that appears you can open and view protocols, as well as delete them.

  • Allocation

Allocation protocols are written during automatic allocations.

These protocols contain a complete list of automatically executed allocations. The same options are available as for the transformation protocols.

  • Transfer

Transfer protocols are written during the data transfer to Professional Planner.

These protocols contain all values that were written, including a verification if they were transferred correctly.

  • All

By selecting All, you receive a summary of all available protocols (transformation, automatic allocation, data transfer).

  • Transfer Preview

With this command you can open a table containing all values that were written at the start of a transfer.

The data to be written are filtered based on the settings defined in the Import Manager document (e.g. regarding the periods).

  • Transferred Data

This document shows which values from the transformation data volume were allocated to PP field references. The list is sorted by structural elements for the selected time period.

After a transfer, the sum of these values normally shows the actual value of the respective field references.

In the further columns of the protocol you can see the values on the structural elements after import and a symbol indicating whether the values correspond to the transformation data.

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