Period Element Properties

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Last update: 03/2009

The dialog Period Element Properties shows the most important master data for the currently selected period.

Opening path[edit]

  • Shortcut menu in time tree: Properties


The dialog shows the following information in the General tab:

  • Name: Shows the name of the period (32001).
  • Period begin: Information on the period begin (4808) of the dataset.
  • Period end: Information on the period end (4807) of the dataset.
  • Period ID: Shows the unique time ID (32002) of the selected time element.
  • Valuation: Indicates with which factor values are calculated into higher time levels.
  • Level: Indicates the level in the time hierarchy of the selected time element.
  • Factor: Indicates the factor used for calculating the value into time levels situated below the current level.
  • Year-to-date days: Indicates the number of year-to-date days without the number of days of the period.
  • Year-to-date end: Enables defining the year-to-date limit (32005).

The Security tab is available if the authentication system is activated. Here you can manage dataset-related rights. For further information on assigning rights for a structural element please refer to Assigning Rights.

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