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Last update: 09/2014

Opening path[edit]

Up to Professional Planner 2011

  • Menu: File\Page setup\Page

Starting with professional planner 8


In the Page tab you can define different settings, e.g. portrait, landscape, page numbering etc.


In the Margins tab you can define the margins from the edge of the paper and the size of the headers and footers for each worksheet. You can select metric measurements or inches. These settings should be larger than the printer's default settings for the margins.


In the Header/Footer tab you can define the header and footer for each worksheet. You can enter settings for the header or footer using the following commands:

&L The text is formatted left aligned.
&C The text is centered.
&R The text is formatted right aligned.
&A Prints the name of the worksheet.
&D Prints the current date.
&T Prints the current time.
&F Prints the name of the document.
&P Prints the page number.
&P+/-nn Prints the page number +/- nn [number].
&& Prints an &.
&N Prints the total number of pages.

The following commands are used to format the font and must be placed in front of the text or any other commands, otherwise they will be ignored.

&B Formats the text bold.
&I Formats the text italic.
&U Formats the text underlined.
&S Formats the text strike-through.
&Font Uses the indicated font (e.g. Arial).
&nn Uses the indicated font size (must be two digits).


In the Sheet tab you can determine the print title or print area. This can also be done with the Page setup/Set print area or Page setup/Set print title commands in the File menu.

Please note that you need to select one or more complete row(s) (including all columns) to set the print title.

Additionally, you can define different printing options on this tab:

  • Gridlines
  • Black-and-white print
  • Row headings
  • Column headings
  • Page order