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Last update: 09/2014

The following navigation trees are available:

Opening path[edit]

Up to Professional Planner 2011

  • Menu: View/Session administration
  • Menu: View/Document selection
  • Menu: View/Structure selection
  • Menu: View/Period selection

Starting with professional planner 8

  • View Tab: Session tree
  • View tab: Document tree
  • View tab: Structure tree
  • View tab: Period tree


After starting professional planner, the individual navigation trees are displayed on the left side of the user interface with corresponding symbols. Each navigation tree can be moved to any position.


To display a tree, move the mouse to the symbol.


At the top edge of the tree you can find the symbols for Auto hide and Close. Click the Auto hide command to lock the tree in its position. This means that the tree remains visible until you click Auto hide again. If you locked one tree in its position, the other ones are displayed as register tabs at the bottom of the active tree. You can change the order of the trees anytime by dragging them with the left mouse button.

Alternatively, you can "float" the individual trees and move them to different locations within the user interface. To float a tree, double-click the top edge of the tree and drag it to a different position while keeping the left mouse button pressed. The tree is now displayed in a separate window, which can be dragged to different positions. When dragging the tree, a crosshair symbol appears, which helps you to define the position of the tree. Move the tree to the desired position of the crosshair. When the background of an area is colored in blue, release the left mouse button and the tree moves to the selected position.

To move a window back to its original position, double-click the top edge of the tree.