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Last update: 03/2013

Opening path[edit]

Up to Professional Planner 2011

  • Menu: Insert\Name...

Starting with professional planner 8


Here you can add a new name to the names list of the current document. By default, you can find predefined names (key words) in this list. Among them are:

  • PPAccum
  • PPEuro
  • PPOnline
  • PPReaderData
  • PPThousand
  • PPUpdate
  • PPWorkState (up to version Professional Planner 2011)
  • PPUndo (starting with version professional planner 8)

New names are confirmed with the Add button. Selected names can be deleted with the Delete button.


Here you can assign a value, a cell reference or a formula to the selected name. A cell reference entry is absolute (e.g.: Table1!$A$3).

See also[edit]

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