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Last update: 09/2014

Opening path[edit]

  • Structure tree: Move elements by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the element to the desired position.
  • Structure tree: Move elements by holding down the right mouse button, dragging the element to the desired position and selecting Move here from the context menu.


When moving structure elements, the following dialog is displayed:


  • Copy data: The data contained in the element are transferred when moving the element to the new position. Disable this option if you do not want to copy any data.
  • Copy allocations: Select this option to transfer the allocations of receivables, liabilities, stock, etc. to detailed balance sheet accounts. For the allocations to be transferred correctly, the structure path and the element name of the detailed balance sheet account must be the same in in the source company and the target company.

  • Copy memos: When you select this option, the memos that you inserted for the element can be transferred to the new position.
  • Copy permissions: The permissions of the copied element are transferred to the new position.
  • Copy additional fields: This option enables you to transfer element-related additional fields when moving an element.

  • Currency conversion: If this option is enabled, the values of the element are transferred according to the exchange rates entered in the Currency Conversion document of the source company.

  • Insert as copy: If you enable this option, "Copy of" is added to the name of the original element.
  • No. of copies: In this box you can enter the number of copies you would like to make. By default, the element is moved from its original position and inserted in the selected position.