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Last update: 09/2014


The professional planner monitor is opened as start page of professional planner in the main window. Depending on the user interface you are working with, the monitor enables you to access different kinds of documents.

  • Administrator: This user interface provides access to all documents from the Data gathering, Reporting, Toolbox and Administration section.
  • App User: This user interface gives you access to the sections Data Gathering, Reporting and Toolbox in the document tree. These documents are also available via the monitor.
  • Analysis Reporting User: Just like the document tree, this user interface only gives you access to analysis documents. You can access documents from the sections Data gathering and Reporting.


The full menu of the professional planner monitor is only displayed after opening a dataset and activating a session. On the left side of the monitor you can see the main menu, in which the various document sections are listed. If you select one of the sections, a more detailed subdivision is displayed from which you can directly open the documents.