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Last update: 09/2010

The tasks that are performed repeatedly in Professional Planner (PP) can be automated with managers. For instance, printing reports, modifying larger quantities of parameters (e.g. a 10-day increase of the time allowed for payment) or reallocating.
For this purpose, SAX Basic, a VBA-compatible programming language is integrated in Professional Planner. With the help of this language, you can build automating managers (short: managers) to accomplish the respective tasks fast and efficiently.
The program scope also includes an integrated development environment with extensive debug possibilities and a Dialog Editor. The programming language comprises two core areas.

The VBA-compatible language core consists of approximately 500 commands which can be used within the development environment. These contain all necessary commands for defining variables, building control structures and loops, creating simple files and dialog boxes as well as using automated objects. Automated Objects facilitate the access to dataset and interface functions. These commands can be used not only in Professional Planner, but also in all other programming and scripting languages. The Automated Objects structures correspond to the COM standard (COM = Common Object Model by Microsoft).