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Last update: 09/2014

The Manager tab provides functions enabling you to execute and debug macros, as well as the possibility to display different bars and define the character set. This tab is only available in open manager documents. Further information on the toolbar in the manager document can be found in the article Toolbar Manager.

Register Manager3.gif


  • Run Macro: Starts the macro.
  • Break: Pauses the macro.
  • Exit: Stops the macro.


  • Toggle Breakpoint: Toggles a breakpoint.
  • Step Into: Steps into the entered function.
  • Step Over: Steps over the indicated function.
  • Step Out: Steps out of the current function.


  • Macro Bar: Displays the macro bar.
  • Watch Window: Displays the watch window.


  • Selection: Here you can define font, font style and size.

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