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Last update: 09/2014


Using the Input bar, you can restore the original data after a simulation, activate top-down input and series value input, manage and write time distributions as well as change selected values and insert memos.

Description of the symbols[edit]


  • Original data: Restores the original data after a simulation.
  • Top-down Input: Activates the top-down input.
  • Top-down equal distribution: Activates the top-down equal distribution.
  • Series value: Enables entering a series value. With this function, the percentage increase of a particular value can be transferred to the following periods.
  • Time distribution: Opens the dialog for saving the selected distribution.
  • Select time distribution: Drop-down list of saved time distributions.
  • Write time distribution: Writes the selected distribution into the selected cells.
  • Factor: Input field for the factor.
  • Addition: Adds the entered factor to the value(s) of the selected cell(s).
  • Subtraction: Subtracts the entered factor from the value(s) of the selected cell(s).
  • Multiplication: Multiplies the entered factor with the value(s) of the selected cell(s).
  • Division: Divides the entered factor by the value(s) of the selected cell(s).
  • Equalization: Inserts the entered factor into the selected cell(s).
  • Insert Memo: Opens the dialog in which you can enter a memo for a field reference.
  • Memo report: Opens a new memo document to manage existing memos (only available from version onwards).

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