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Last update: 03/2012

This search help comprises explanations and tips about the different search options in the Competence Center. The information provided here should help you to quickly find the articles you need.

Here you can see an overview of the latest articles in the Competence Center.

Search function

To perform a search of the entire Competence Center, use the input field with two buttons - Article and Full text - in the navigation bar.

When you enter the search term and press the enter key or the "Article" button, the article you requested will be displayed. If there is no corresponding article available, you will see the results of the full-text search.

If you search using the "Full text" button, all article titles and texts will be searched for the entered term and the results will be displayed.

Search tips

To optimize your search results, please consider the following tips:

  • Avoid so-called "stop words"

Stop words are frequently used words which normally have no relevance for the document contents. Commonly used stop words in documents are definite and indefinite articles ("the", "a/an"), conjunctions (e.g. "and", "or", "but"), frequently used prepositions (e.g. "to", "in", "of") as well as negations ("no", "not").

  • Limit search results

At the bottom of the search results page you can limit your search to certain areas. By default, general "help topics", "FAQ", "HowTo", "Example" and "PP Services" are included in the search. However, you can also limit the search results to one or more of these areas, e.g. search only in "FAQ".

Search by topic

When searching for information about a self-contained help topic, we recommend first opening the respective help topic portal. Links to help topic portals can be found on the main page or in the navigation bar. You will also find the FAQs and HowTos of the knowledge base here.

If you follow the category link at the bottom of the page, e.g. Category: Documents, you will see a list of all articles in this category.

Field references

When searching for a certain field reference, you can access the article directly by performing a search. Enter "FR" and the field reference number in the search field, e.g. "FR101". Please note that there should be no space between "FR" and the field reference number.


We are constantly striving to improve our service for you. If you have suggestions for extending or modifying the contents of the articles, please contact:

Thank you for your suggestions.