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Last update: 09/2014

When clicking on the File tab, a menu opens containing default functions such as creating, saving and opening files. Another important function is the Options dialog, which enables you to define important general information, as well as the professional planner servers. The File tab is always available, regardless of which file you opened.

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  • New (Alt+F12): Creates a new document.
  • Open (Ctrl+F12) Opens an existing document.
  • Save (Ctrl+S): Saves the active document.
  • Save as (F12): Saves the active document under a new name.
  • Print (Ctrl+D): Displays a preview and prints the document.
  • Send: Opens the e-mail program and sends the active document as an attachment.
  • Close (Ctrl+F4) Closes the active document.
  • Reset: Closes the application.
  • Recent documents: Enables quick access to recently used documents.

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