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Last update: 12/2012

  • Open: This command opens an existing document.
  • Close: This command closes an open document.
  • Saving: This command saves a document in its current status. Please note that default documents are normally in read-only mode. If you want to save a default document, you have to save it under another name.
  • Saving as: Saves a document under a new name or in another directory or format.
  • Send to: Creates a new e-mail with the current document attached.
  • Page setup: Using this option, you can specify different settings for printing the current document For instance, you can specify the size, portrait or landscape printout, black and white, headers and footers, margins, etc.
  • Session
    • New
    • Activate
    • Properties
    • Rename
    • Delete
  • Exit: Closes the application.

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