FAQ:Why are documents created with Professional Planner 2008 displayed incorrectly in PP 2011 when scrolling?

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Last update: 03/2013

The reason why documents created with Professional Planner version 2008 are not displayed correctly in version 2011 may be that you are working with hidden rows or columns.

The incorrect display can be avoided as follows:

  • Go to Document Properties by pressing F8.
  • Select the Dimensions tab.
  • Go to First row and specify the first row to be displayed in your document.
    • If, for example, row "4" is the first to be displayed, enter "4".
  • For the columns, proceed in the same way:
    • If the first column to be displayed is column "D", please enter "4" in the First column field.

Now save the document and try to scroll again. The problem should be solved.

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