FAQ:How can I make a Top-down input in a single query?

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Last update: 01/2014

Inputs on a single query are generally displayed top-down if the input is made on a superordinate level. Then the entered value is distributed to the individual sub-elements accordingly.

In the following example, this case is illustrated using the example dataset RockingHorseActual.

The expense/income element Rent exists several times in the structure, namely once in the profit center Hamburg, once in the profit center Munich and once in the cost center Administration. If you carry out the following query, e.g. on company level, and enter a value, it is distributed to the individual expense/income elements.

SetDat(1;1;10001;2002;262154;FR4760 like 'Rent')

However, if there are further sub-elements below the above mentioned elements, you have to enable top-down input before entering a value. Otherwise, a simulation is triggered.

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