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Last update: 11/2011

When creating documents, it can be helpful if queries refer to other cells. This can be carried out with a cell reference and a drill-down filter.

In this example we would like to get a list of all expense/income elements beginning with "rent".

The word you would like to use for the query must be entered in cell A1. The percent sign "%" is used as a wildcard, which makes it possible to list all elements beginning with "rent".


In B2, the texts and cell contents need to be linked as follows:


You have to enclose the text in double quotes and use the ampersand "&" to link cell contents and/or figures.

Additionally, we would like to know where in the dataset structure the elements beginning with "rent" can be found. For this purpose, we use the field reference Structure Path.

Now the the query condition can directly refer to cell B1 (query: @B1).


The result of the drill-down filter looks as follows:


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