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Last update: 12/2012

In professional planner you can customize user interfaces to fit your requirements. For more information about customizing user interfaces, please refer to the article Customizing User Interfaces.

To open a customized interface the following parameters are available:

  • -ui name of the user interface.rgpx: imports a user interface file to be used as a profile
  • -pr name of the user interface: uses the specified profile

The parameter must be attached to the start of professional planner (e.g.: C:\Program Files\prevero\OLCAP\OLCAPClient.exe -pr App -ui App.rgpx).

Importing a profile (-ui)

Use this parameter to save the user interface file as a profile. If a profile with the same name already exists, it is replaced and all changes are discarded. The user interface file must be available in the program files folder to be imported correctly (see Program and Data Directories).

Usually, the parameter -ui is combined with the parameter -pr. This ensures that the profile, which has just been imported, is actually used.

Using the profile (-pr)

Use this parameter so that the indicated profile is used. If a profile with the indicated name is not available yet, an attempt is made to import it first (see Importing a Profile (-ui)). This parameter is therefore suitable for applications (e.g. Citrix environments) in which the profile will be imported once and subsequent changes must not be discarded (e.g. during a later import of the profile).

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