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Last update: 01/2014

To be able to query memos, some memos must be created first.

Preparing the document[edit]

Using a list query, you can query all memos that were, for example, created for Expense/Income elements. Enter the memo subject in column C, the memo text in column D and the structure element containing the memo in column E.

Memo Abfrage.JPG

Querying the memo subject[edit]

Column C displays the field reference Memo Subject Org, Time-ref (4867).


Inserting the queries[edit]

Insert the field reference Memo Text (32308) in column D and the field reference Element Description (4760) in column E.

Memo Abfrage1.JPG

Query result[edit]

If the document has been switched to a year, the query result looks as follows (provided that memos were assigned in the structural elements):

Memo Abfrageergebnis.JPG

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