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Last update: 03/2013

  • Cut: Cuts the selection from a table and puts it on the Clipboard.
  • Copy: Copies the selected area from a table to the clipboard.
  • Paste: Inserts data from the clipboard into the table.
  • Paste special:: When inserting data from a PP table, you can specify whether the formulas (all), the values or the format should be transferred.
    • All: Inserts all existing information (formats, formulas) from the clipboard.
    • Formulas: Inserts only formulas from the clipboard.
    • Values: Inserts only values from the clipboard (e.g. result of a formula).
    • Formats: Inserts only the format information from the clipboard (e.g. frames and background color).
  • Select All: Selects the entire worksheet.
  • Select all objects: Highlights all objects on the worksheet such as charts, control elements, etc.
  • Clear:
  • All: Deletes all values, formulas or formatting within the selected area.
    • Values: Deletes all values and formulas in the selected area.
    • Formats: Deletes all formatting in the selected area.
  • Delete objects: Deletes the selected objects from the worksheet.
  • Delete cells: Deletes the selected cells. A more exact definition of the cell area to be deleted (entire column, entire row, etc.) is carried out in a dialog window.
  • Delete sheets: Deletes the selected worksheet from the workbook. This function is available in edit mode only.
  • Find: Searches for a defined word or text within the worksheet.
  • Replace: Replaces a word or a text within the worksheet by a new defined word or text.
  • Go to: Selects the defined cell or the defined cell area.

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