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Last update: 03/2013

The document tree comprises the document structure including default documents (workbooks, managers and memos) which can be opened, edited or started (managers) here.

Opening path[edit]

  • Up to Professional Planner 2011 View menu/Document selection
  • Starting with professional planner 8 * View Tab - Document tree


The document tree can contain multiple document paths. It represents the folder structures on the hard disc or in the network where the documents are saved.

The displayed document structure corresponds to a structure stored in a directory on the hard disk. Via a freely definable document path (right mouse button), it can be determined which directories are to be used as document directories. In this way, you can create your own document structure.

A plus sign (+) in front of a folder indicates that there are sub-folders or documents below it. Click the plus sign to display the sub-level. The sign then turns into a minus sign (-). All sub-levels can be hidden again by clicking the minus sign. If there is no symbol in front of an element, this means that there are no sub-levels below it.

Shortcut menu[edit]

  • New: Creates a new blank worksheet, a memo document, an import manager or a manager.
  • Open: Opens a document in the right pane of the screen or starts a manager. Starting with professional planner 8, you can open Windows Explorer by using this command and selecting a directory. Windows Explorer is opened displaying the location in the file system containing the selected directory.
  • Edit: This option can be used to open or edit a manager.
  • Refresh: Refreshes the document tree. This step is required if new documents are saved in one of the document paths (e.g. via File/Save as...) during operation, or if files are deleted from a document path.
  • Organize directories: Here you can select general or user-specific directories.
  • Organize documents: Here you can select general or user-specific document paths.
  • Expand all: Using this function, you can display all documents and folders in a document path after the activated starting point.
  • Collapse all: This function collapses (hides) the tree view up to the selected starting point.