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Last update: 08/2012

In the document tree you can find all standard documents included in the professional planner standard scope of delivery.

The following document types are available in professional planner:

Workbook (*.ptb)[edit]

Workbooks are the main type of document used with professional planner. They can be used to display and gather data. Every workbook is a separate file and can be identified as a professional planner table by the file extension ".PTB". Workbooks can contain database references, objects, formulas or texts. As far as the structure is concerned, they are very similar to Microsoft Excel workbooks.

Import Manager (*.fzu)[edit]

The Import Manager enables you to import data from different sources into professional planner. It does not matter whether the data sources are database tables, queries, views or text files. Apart from professional planner-specific profit and loss and cash budget data, you can work with statistical values, production data or account entries. This tool is aimed at controllers or consultants who want to import data efficiently, but do not necessarily have programming skills and/or SQL knowledge. An IT expert will also benefit from this tool, as it is an efficient tool for editing a large amount of data.

Managers (*.pba)[edit]

There are many tasks within professional planner, which are repeated regularly and can easily be automated, for example printing reports, modifying larger quantities of parameters (e.g. a 10-day increase in the tems of payment) or carrying out an allocation. For this purpose, professional planner works with a VBA-compatible programming language. Using this language, automation managers (short: managers) can be built to carry out the respective actions quickly and efficiently.

Memo (*.pme)[edit]

A memo contains notes for the individual structural elements and values within a dataset. It can be allocated to different elements (organization, period, field references or combinations thereof). To be able to manage memos more effectively, information on the creator, the date of creation and the subject is also stored within the memo.

HTML pages (*.html)[edit]

HTML documents can be used for displaying information and help texts. Microsoft Internet Explorer is run in the background to facilitate the correct processing of HTML pages. Internet Explorer must be installed on the computer so that this function can be executed correctly.