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Last update: 01/2014

Using the Document bar, you can define an individual toolbar for each workbook and insert user-defined buttons.

Function & handling[edit]

Up to version Professional Planner 2011, you can add a customized toolbar to a workbook by opening the document and right-clicking the toolbar area. After selecting Document bar from the context menu, an empty document bar is displayed.

Starting with professional planner 8, you can add the document bar via the ribbon when the document is open. You can enable and disable the document bar via a checkbox in the Toolbars section of the Design tab. Starting with this version, it is possible to insert two document bars.

To add buttons to the document bar, right-click into the toolbar area and select the command Edit....

The Customize dialog appears. Go to the Commands tab, select a command and drag it into the document bar (keeping the left mouse button pressed). If you insert a user command into the document bar, you can edit it directly in the document bar. To do so, right-click the user command and select Edit command from the context menu (while the Customize dialog is still open). Now you can assign a manager or workbook.

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