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Last update: 03/2009

Opening path[edit]

  • Shortcut menu in the session tree: Properties
  • Menu: File/Dataset Properties


The dialog Dataset shows the most important master data for the currently selected dataset. Additionally, you can define information related to the workflow. Many of these data can also be found in the standard document Master Data.

General tab[edit]

The dialog shows the following settings in the General tab:

  • Name: Shows the budget name (4903) that has been used when creating the dataset (can be changed for MS database files).
  • Person in charge: Here you can define an editor (4900) for the dataset.
  • Comments: Here you can define a short info (4901) for the dataset.
  • Data status: Here you define the data status choosing from a range of options. Please find detailed information in the article Status Data (4911).
  • Completion: The completion status (4910) shows the status of the whole dataset.
  • Simulation input at sum level: This option enables/disables inputs at sum level for the purpose of simulations. It is disabled by default for new datasets.

The area Statistical data contains the following master data:

Business Content Library tab[edit]

In this register tab you can find the following information (read-only):

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