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Last update: 09/2012

A professional planner dataset stores all information regarding the company structure, the settings, the periods under consideration and their structure, the calculation logic and last but not least the data you entered.

All sessions and datasets are managed in the session tree. The functions of the session tree can be accessed via the shortcut menu.

The most important dataset functions are as follows:

Working with organizational structures[edit]

The structure tree contains the organizational structure of all datasets in the current session. Here you can create organizational structures, switch open documents to the desired organizational element or open certain documents and switch to the selected element.

Depending on the BCL used, professional planner recognizes organizational elements such as companies, profit centers, sales elements, cost centers, cost types and detailed balance sheet accounts. You can use these elements in a hierarchical structure with virtually no restriction.

Working with period structures[edit]

Another important dimension within a dataset is the period structure. The period tree contains the period structure of all datasets in the active session. From here, you can switch the documents to display the desired time periods.

A dataset with default settings contains a one-year period structure. The year is divided into quarters, and the quarters are divided into months.

You can also create a customized period structure for a dataset. To do so, select Create dataset from the context menu and click the Extended button. Select the BCL and the Define Period dialog box appears. The period structure of an existing dataset can be changed by selecting Convert dataset.