Data Import and Data Export

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Last update: 05/2008

Professional Planner provides the following options for importing and exporting data:

Import Manager[edit]

The Import Manager serves as an interface for importing data into a dataset. The base data are stored in separate tables in the dataset.

Functions are available for the transfer of data to the elements which transform data into a standard format and link data records with the elements of the organizational structure.

Data import[edit]

The Import data function enables you to automatically create a structure from the source data and transfer data, or you can import only data into an existing organizational structure.

The link between data and elements of the organizational structure must be contained in the source data.

Data export[edit]

The Export data function serves to export data and structure information from a dataset.

Predefined views for selecting data are available in the dataset. Alternatively, you can also create a query to filter the desired data.