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Last update: 09/2014

This table provides an overview of all buttons available by default in the professional planner ribbon. The Further Information column specifies the section of the tab in which the button can be found. Use the arrows next to the column headings to sort the table alphabetically.

A more detailed functional description of each button can be found in the articles about the respective tabs.

Start tab[edit]

The Start tab enables you to execute several default document commands and to control the data view in documents.

Button Description Further information
EinfuegenAlle.gif Paste all Clipboard section - Paste button
EinfuegenFormeln.gif Paste formulas Clipboard section - Paste button
EinfuegenWerte.gif Paste content Clipboard section - Paste button
EinfuegenFormate.gif Paste formats Clipboard section - Paste button
Ausschneiden.gif Cut Clipboard section
Kopieren.gif Copy Clipboard section
Zellformatkopieren.gif Format painter Clipboard section
Suchen.gif Find Find and replace section
Ersetzen.gif Replace Find and replace section
Datasetauswahl.gif Dataset selection Switch section
Strukturauswahl.gif Structure selection Switch section
Periodenauswahl.gif Period selection Switch section
Strukturfixieren.gif Freeze structure Switch section
Periodefixieren.gif Freeze period Switch section
Workspaceanzeigen.gif Show workspace Workspace section

View tab[edit]

The View tab enables you to show and hide different control bars.

Button Description Further information
Sitzungsbaum.gif Display Session Tree Control bars section
Strukturbaumanzeigen.gif Display Structure Tree Control bars section
Periodenbaumanzeigen1.gif Display Period Tree Control bars section
Dokumentbaum.gif Show document tree Control bars section
Statusleisteanzeigen.gif Show status bar Control bars section
Memobaranzeigen.gif Show memo bar Control bars section
AlleFensterschliessen.gif Close all windows Window section

Control tab[edit]

The Control tab enables you to drill values, rotate tables, enable detail lists, define how database values are displayed, enter values in the calculation bar, define period distributions, sort values and undo data input.

Button Description Further information
DrillenAlleEbenen.gif Drill all levels Control section - Drill button
DrillennaechsteEbene.gif Drill next level Control section - Drill button
DrillenOriginalebene.gif Drill original level Control section - Drill button
DrillengleicheEbene.gif Drill same level Control section - Drill button
Detaillisteanzeigen.gif Show list query Control section
Tabelledrehen.gif Rotate table Control section
Kumulation.gif Year-to-date Control section
1000.gif Display in thousands Control section
Waehrung.gif Display in currency Control section
Originaldaten.gif Original data Control section
Aktualisieren.gif Refresh data Control section
Memohinzufuegen.gif Add memo Memo section
Faktor.gif Factor Input bar section
Addition.gif Addition Input bar section
Subtraktion.gif Subtraction Input bar section
Multiplikation.gif Multiplication Input bar section
Division.gif Division Input bar section
Gleichsetzung.gif Equation Input bar section
Periodenverteilungschreiben.gif Execute distribution Period distribution section
Periodenverteilunghinzufuegen.gif Add period distribution Period distribution section
Periodenverteilungverwalten.gif Organize period distribution Period distribution section
TopdownEingabe.gif Top-down input Period distribution section
Reihenwert.gif Enable series value Period distribution section
TopdownGleichver.gif Top-down equal distribution Period distribution section
Aufsteigendsortieren.gif Ascending order Sort section
Absteigendsortieren.gif Descending order Sort section
Sortierungaufheben.gif Disable sorting Sort section
DatenRueckgaengig.gif Undo data Undo section

Format tab[edit]

In the Format tab you can format, delete and insert cells, as well as change the workbook view.

Button Description Further information
Schriftart.gif Font Font section
Schriftgrad.gif Font size Font section
Schriftgradvergroessern.gif Increase font size Font section
Schriftgradverkleinern.gif Decrease font size Font section
Fett.gif Bold Font section
Kursiv.gif Italic Font section
Unterstrichen.gif Underline Font section
Rahmenlinieunten.gif Bottom border Font section - Borders button
Rahmenlinieoben.gif Top border Font section - Borders button
Rahmenlinielinks.gif Left border Font section - Borders button
Rahmenlinierechts.gif Right border Font section - Borders button
KeinRahmen.gif No border Font section - Borders button
Rahmenlinienaussen.gif Outside borders Font section - Borders button
DickeRahmenlinien.gif Thick box border Font section - Borders button
DoppelteRahmenlinienunten.gif Bottom double border Font section - Borders button
DickeRahmenlinieunten.gif Thick bottom border Font section - Borders button
Rahmenlinienuntenoben.gif Top and bottom border Font section - Borders button
Rahmenlinieobendicke unten.gif Top and thick bottom border Font section - Borders button
Rahmenlinieobendoppelteunten.gif Top and double bottom border Font section - Borders button
WeitereRahmenlinien.gif More borders Font section - Borders button
Fuellfarbe.gif Fill color Font section
Textfarbe.gif Font color Font section
Obenausrichten.gif Top align Alignment section
Zentriertausrichten.gif Middle align Alignment section
Untenausrichten.gif Bottom align Alignment section
Linksbuendig.gif Align left Alignment section
Zentriert.gif Center Alignment section
Rechtsbuendig.gif Align right Alignment section
Zahlenformat.gif Number format Number section
Buchhaltungszahlenformat.gif Accounting number format Number section
Tausendertrennzeichen.gif Thousands separator Number section
Prozent.gif Percentage Number section
Zelleneinfuegen.gif Insert cells Cells section - Insert button
Zeileeinfuegen.gif Insert row Cells section - Insert button
Spalteeinfuegen.gif Insert column Cells section - Insert button
Blatteinfuegen.gif Insert sheet Cells section - Insert button
Zelleloeschen1.gif Delete cells Cells section - Delete button
Zeileloeschen.gif Delete row Cells section - Delete button
Spalteloeschen.gif Delete column Cells section - Delete button
Blattloeschen.gif Delete sheet Cells section - Delete button
InhalteAlleloeschen.gif Contents - Delete all Cells section - Delete button
InhalteWerteloeschen.gif Contents - Delete content Cells section - Delete button
InhalteFormateloeschen.gif Contents - Delete formats Cells section - Delete button
Zeilenhoehe.gif Row height Cells section - Format button
ZellengroessStandardhoehe.gif Cell size - Standard Height Cells section - Format button
Spaltenbreite.gif Column width Cells section - Format button
ZellengroesseStandardbreite.gif Cell size - Standard width Cells section - Format button
Zeilenausblenden.gif Hide rows Cells section - Format button - Hide/unhide
Spaltenausblenden.gif Hide columns Cells section - Format button - Hide/unhide
Zeileneinblenden.gif Unhide rows Cells section - Format button - Hide/unhide
Spalteneinblenden.gif Unhide columns Cells section - Format button - Hide/unhide
Zellschutz.gif Activate cell protection Cells section - Format button
ZelleSperren.gif Lock cells Cells section - Format button
ZelleFormatieren.gif Format cells Cells section - Format button
Zeilenkoepfe.gif Show or hide row headers Workbook view section
Spaltenkoepfe.gif Show or hide column headers Workbook view section
Bearbeitungsleiste.gif Show or hide formula bar Workbook view section
Gitternetzlinien.gif Show or hide gridlines Workbook view section
Tabellefixieren.gif Freeze view Freeze section
Allesauswaehlen.gif Select all Edit section
AlleObjekteauswaehlen.gif Select all objects Edit section

Design tab[edit]

The Design tab enables you to insert objects and charts, define document and page settings, display document bars, enable the edit view and specify default formats for the document.

Button Description Further information
Bearbeitungsansicht.gif Edit view Edit view section
Datenbankbezugsdialog.gif Show/hide database reference editor Edit view section
Standardschrift.gif Default font Format section
Hintergrundfarbe.gif Background color Format section
Farbpaletteanzeigen.gif Show color palette Format section - Color palette button
Farbpaletteimportieren.gif Import color palette Format section - Color palette button
Farbpaletteexportieren.gif Export color palette Format section - Color palette button
Namen.gif Names Insert section
Diagramm.gif Chart Insert section
Button.gif Button Objects section
Kontrollkaestchen.gif Check box Objects section
DropdownFeld.gif Drop-down field Objects section
Linie.gif Line Objects section
Rechteck.gif Rectangle Objects section
Bogen.gif Arc Objects section
Oval.gif Oval Objects section
Polygon.gif Polygon Objects section
Metafile.gif Meta file Objects section
Dokumentleiste1.gif Document bar 1 Toolbars section
Dokumentleiste2.gif Document bar 2 Toolbars section
Dokumenteinstellungen.gif Book settings Settings section
Druckbereichfestlegen.gif Set print area Page section - Print area button
Druckbereichaufheben.gif Clear print area Page section - Print area button
Drucktitelfestlegen.gif Set print title Page section - Print title button
Drucktitelaufheben.gif Clear print title Page section - Print title button

Manager tab[edit]

The Manager tab provides functions enabling you to execute and debug macros, as well as the possibility to display different bars and define the character set.

Button Description Further information
Makroausfuehren.gif Start macro Run section
Makropausieren.gif Pause macro Run section
Makrostoppen.gif End macro Run section
Haltepunktsetzen.gif Toggle breakpoint Debug section
Einzelschritt.gif Step into Debug section
Prozedurschritt.gif Step over Debug section
Prozedurabschliessen.gif Step out Debug section
Makroleiste.gif Show macro bar View section
Ueberwachungsfenster.gif Show watch window View section
Zeichensatzauswaehlen.gif Font selection Font section

Memo tab[edit]

The Memo tab enables you to add and delete memos, as well as change a macro's allocation to structure, period and field reference.

Button Description Further information
Memohinzufuegen.gif Add memo Memo section
Memoloeschen1.gif Delete memo Memo section
Strukturelementzuordnen.gif Allocate structure element Memo section
Periodezuordnen.gif Allocate period Memo section
Feldbezugzuordnen.gif Allocate field reference Memo section

Import Manager tab[edit]

The Import Manager tab enables you to start import steps, open protocols, define Import Manager settings and copy allocations.

Button Description Further information
Datenimportieren.gif Import data Import section
Basisdatentransformieren.gif Transform base data Import section
Zuordnungausfuehren.gif Use allocation Import section
Werteuebernehmen.gif Transfer values Import section
AktiveSchritteausfuehren.gif Execute selected steps Import section
Basisdaten.gif Base data Import section - Protocols button
Transformationsdaten.gif Transformed data Import section - Protocols button
Zuordnungsdaten.gif Allocation data Import section - Protocols button
FehlendeZuordnungen.gif Missing allocations Import section - Protocols button
FalscheZuordnungen .gif Incorrect allocations Import section - Protocols button
EinstellungenNullsetzen.gif Reset data to zero Import section - Protocols button
Transformation.gif Transformation Import section - Protocols button
Zuordnung.gif Allocation Import section - Protocols button
Uebernahme.gif Transfer Import section - Protocols button
Alle.gif All protocols Import section - Protocols button
Uebernahmevorscha.gif Transfer preview Import section - Protocols button
UebernommeneDaten.gif Transferred data Import section- Protocols button
Einstellungen.gif Settings Import section
Zuordnung kopieren.gif Copy allocations Tools section

See also[edit]

This table gives an overview of all buttons available in Professional Planner. In column Further information you can find articles in which the buttons and their functions are described. Use the arrows next to the column headings to sort the table alphabetically.

Please note that some of the buttons are hidden by default. You can show additional buttons at any time by selecting them in the menu View > Toolbars.

Button Description Further information
Datasetauswahl.png Dataset selection Standard Bar
Speichern.png Save Standard Bar
Kopieren.png Copy Standard Bar
Einfuegen.png Insert Standard Bar
Drucken.png Print Standard Bar
Suchen.png Find Standard Bar
Monitor.png Show workspace (PP 2010 and higher versions) Standard Bar
Ebene drillen.png Drill level View Bar
Detailliste anzeigen.png Show detail list View Bar
Daten aktualisieren.png Update data View Bar
In 1000.png /1000 View Bar
Kumulation.png Year-to-date View Bar
Tabelle fixieren.png Freeze panes View Bar
Originaldaten.png Original data Input Bar
Top-down Eingabe.png Top-down input Input Bar
Top-down Gleichverteilung.png Top-down equal distribution Input Bar
Reihenwert.png Series value Input Bar
Zeitverteilungen.png Period distribution Input Bar
Zeitverteilung auswaehlen.png Select period distribution Input Bar
Zeitverteilung schreiben.png Write period distribution Input Bar
Faktor.png Factor Input Bar
Addition.png Addition Input Bar
Subtraktion.png Subtraction Input Bar
Multiplikation.png Multiplication Input Bar
Division.png Division Input Bar
Gleichsetzung.png Equalization Input Bar
Memo einfuegen.png Insert memo Input Bar
Memoreport.png Memo report Input Bar
Strukturauswahl.png Structure selection Control Bar
Zeitauswahl.png Period selection Control Bar
Struktur fixieren.png Freeze structure Control Bar
Zeit fixieren.png Freeze period Control Bar
Bearbeitungsansicht.png Edit view Design Bar
Datenbankbezugsdialog.png Toggle database reference dialog box Design Bar
Dokumenteinstellungen.png Document settings Design Bar
Fett.png Bold Design Bar
Kursiv.png Italic Design Bar
Unterstrichen.png Underline Design Bar
Schriftart.png Font Design Bar
Schriftgrad.png Font size Design Bar
Schriftfarbe.png Text color Design Bar
Linksbuendig.png Align left Design Bar
Zentriert.png Center Design Bar
Rechtsbuendig.png Align right Design Bar
Zellen formatieren.png Format cells Design Bar
Zellformat kopieren.png Format painter Design Bar
Bearbeitungsleiste.png Toggle formula bar Design Bar
Spaltenkoepfe.png Toggle column headers Design Bar
Zeilenkoepfe.png Toggle row headers Design Bar
Gitternetzlinien.png Toggle gridlines Design Bar
Zeilenhoehe.png Row height Design Bar
Spaltenhoehe.png Column height Design Bar
Normal.png Normal Design Bar
Linie.png Insert line Object Bar
Rechteck.png Insert rectangle Object Bar
Oval.png Insert oval Object Bar
Bogen.png Insert arc Object Bar
Polygon.png Insert polygon Object Bar
Polygon Bearbeitungsmodus.png Polygon edit mode Object Bar
Schaltflaeche.png Insert command button Object Bar
Kontrollfeld.png Insert check box Object Bar
Listenfeld.png Insert combo box Object Bar
Grafik.png Insert picture Object Bar
Collector.png Collector Collector Bar
Daten direkt verarbeiten.png Process data directly Collector Bar
Daten versenden.png Send data Collector Bar
Datenansicht umschalten.png Switch data view Collector Bar
Editiermodus.png Switch edit more on/off Memo Bar
Memo schreiben.png Write memo Memo Bar
Memoliste.png Memo list Memo Bar

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