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Last update: 04/2016


This document serves to gather opening balances, increases and decreases, transfers, actual closing balances and actual differences. You can plan the payment of the accounts receivable depending on the settings.

Valid structural elements

Company, Accounts Receivable


Accounts Receivable tab

In the register tab Accounts Receivable you plan the accounts receivable opening balances as well as the account changes like payments. For planning the payments the following settings are available in the register tab Settings:

Settings tab

In this register tab you can define the settings (absolute value, terms of payment, turnover/due date, payment spectrum) for the payment planning.

  • Absolute value
  • Terms of payment
  • Turnover/due date
  • Payment spectrum

If you choose the setting Absolute Value, you enter the payment in the period it occurred. It is possible to enter values in the column Inflows.

If you choose the setting Terms of Payment, the accounts receivable are paid automatically according to the term of payment entered. The default term of payment is 0. This is equal to a prompt payment. You can change the automatically calculated payment in the column Correction Payment.

The setting Turnover/Due Date enables you to enter the payment as absolute value in the column Inflows or via the key figure TO/DD in the column TO/DD. Use this setting only if there are allocations for the element.

The Payment Spectrum enables you to plan partial payments with different terms of payment. Three partial payments are available. In the percentage column, enter the percentage of the partial payment. In the corresponding column Terms of Payment you can enter the term. By default, the third payment is set to 100 % and its term of payment to 0. You cannot enter the payment as absolute value in the columns Payment 1 - 3.

If you enter a percentage for the payment 1 or 2, the percentage of the payment 3 is adjusted. You can change the automatically calculated payment in the column Correction Payment.

Accruals and deferrals to the accounts receivable are displayed in the column Allocations. The closing balance is automatically calculated from the data entered and allocated. Transfers increase or decrease the closing balance of the account.

In actual datasets, the actual closing balances and actual differences are entered.

Field references

Accounts receivable tab

Balance Sheet Assets- Accounts Receivable

Settings tab

Settings Balance Sheet

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